The humble Editor apologises to his worthy Readers for the guilty Silence of the past week. His mind has been distracted by several Practical and awfully Bureaucratic papers, that will hopefully allow him to continue his humble service for a long time. 

You probably remember the 23things: well, the 2nd thing of 23things explained how to publish online the visual materials supporting your talk (commonly and wrongly defined as Power Point). Now, a couple of years ago, while working as a graphic designer, I had to prepare some layout for our clients. I had to use Power Point, of course. And trying to make Powerpoint what you want him to make, as for every single software produced by Microsoft, is really tough stuff. It would never make the thing you want, unless you’re a programmer of C++ (or similar), and in that case you’re probably doing something more interesting than preparing power point layouts for your clients.

To make a long story short: after that experience, I decided never to use Power point again, and to reduce my contacts with the Microsoft monster (yes, I don’t like at all Warwick email, yes I thing their wasting tons of money, yes I use a Mac, but I believe in the holiness of the Penguin).

Anyway, thanks to my friend Nicola, who has just started his PhD at the Philosophy department, and with whom I shared the exciting two workshops on Academic Presentations, I discovered Prezi.

As far as I can see, it is portable (you can work online), easy to share and allows you to work on the same presentation in group. Again, the graphic stuff is amazing: basically, you have an enormous sheet and you can zoom in, zoom out, focus on something particular etc. And as far as I can see it uses vector imaging, so no pixelishness around anymore (of course, you have still to take care of the images you upload). It is perfect especially if you work on conceptual maps, because you can lead your public to follow them, no matter how complex they are (though, of course, the best maps are the simple ones).

In my case, I had to prepare a 5min presentation, so I used it “linearly”, but the possibilities are, well, infinite.

[edit at 00:53] So, the embedding is not working very well… I am linking my prezi presentation here, and tomorrow, I promise, I will work around the problem…

[edit at 01:03] Ah, the code… Here is the solution to embed prezi on I was looking for a PhD student blog that give me the tip, but I lost it in the googlefuzzing.