Blog’s name Caleb Williams is a tribute to my former life. I have spent three years (2006-2009) studying this novel, comparing it with French Realism and looking for popular and strange narratives back in the 18th century that could have influenced Godwin.

I defended my thesis at the University of l’Aquila, just few weeks after the earthquake.
It was raining, everything around was broken {Thinking about it, it was probably a good metaphor of Academy’s state of the art in Italy}.

Then I worked for two years as a graphic designer in Rome. Not exactly a graphic designer, I had less responsibility in the design part, and more in the editing part. (When working with publishers, you soon understand that the world is splitted in two: the “editoriali”, for the most part intellectuals with “high degrees” from Humanities {Literature} and the “grafici”, for the most part graphic designers who seldom read books. The truth is in the halfway, as usual).

Then I realised that I was missing study and research. And here I am. Starting a new PhD on Italian literature at the University of Warwick.

For the sake of brevity, here are few keywords of my interests.

European Eighteenth- and Nineteenth- century novel, history of books, Representations of crime in literature, Social history, Realism, Literary criticism, Sociology of literature, Italian literature.

I have worked also on the Italian Neo-Avantgarde author Adriano Spatola.

On authors such as:

Balzac, Stedhal, Godwin, Scott, Byron, Le Sage, Marivaux, Defoe, Chiari, Piazza, Valera, Varese, Ranieri, Nievo, plus the anonymous and seldom considered authors of popular chap-books and narratives.

For the sake of past, here is what I wrote about calebwilliams before, in Italian.

caleb williams è un servitore che non accetta il proprio ruolo.
è figlio di un anarchico e di una femminista, genero di Shelley e in qualche modo di Byron, figlio della Rivoluzione e della rivoluzione.
in parte è parente di frankenstein (la Creatura, e il creatore).
è colto e camaleontico, ma entrambe non abbastanza.
è poco considerato, ma se ne fa una ragione. non ha bisogno di essere considerato, perché non si considera un genio, né l’unico depositario del segreto per vincere al lotto.
vorrebbe un po’ più di logica nel mondo – non troppa, giusto quella necessaria a vivere.
odia le presentazioni dei libri. ci va solo quando è costretto da cause di forza maggiore.
è un po’ grafico, ma non troppo.
vorrebbe solo vivere di quello che ama. ma pare che qui non sia possibile.


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  1. This is looking great!! I’m supposed to offer support to people for the first week of 23 Things but looks like you’ve pretty comprehensively got the hang of blogging!

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